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Hotels: Easily boost your bookings!

Flash Booking helps hoteliers boost the number of their reservations.

In recent years, domestic or global distributors such as: Veepee, Very Chic, Voyage Privé, Travelzoo, Weekendesk, Groupon, appeared on the tourism and hotel market. They evolve in vertical and general markets of tourism and hospitality. Thus, more and more hotels are finding an interest in working with these major distributors because they allow them to obtain a large number of reservations in a very short time.

However, many of these hotels reach issues in implementing this partnership. Indeed, a reservation obtained via these distributors, is always materialize by an e-mail, detailing the content of the reservation: First name, Last name, Date of reservation, date of arrival, date of departure, type of room, comments,…

Unfortunately, these incoming reservations by emails must be checked, processed and entered by professionals in order to integrate them into their business information system (PMS).

Thanks to Flash Booking, these reservations are automatically saved in the hotel’s PMS. This allows real-time processing of these reservations and thus avoids tedious, costly and potentially erroneous entry.


  • No more time spent on tedious typing
  • Real-time booking in the PMS
  • No reservation entry errors
  • This makes it possible to multiply reservations
  • This frees up time for the receptionist

PMS integration

Flash Booking reads the email information (booking information, identity, price, …) and creates a new reservation in Misterbooking PMS.