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Quicktext, Chatbot and instant messaging platform for hotels!

Quicktext helps hoteliers to reduce the workload at the front desk, increase direct sales and offer instant service to gests via their favorite messaging apps (WhatsApp, Facebook, Wechat, Booking.com, live chat on the hotel site, SMS…). Velma, the hotel chatbot and voice assistant powered by artificial intelligence, reassures guests, automatically clears up their doubts, and helps them to book direct. Quicktext’s Messaging hub allows you to centralize your customer communications from your Live Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, SMS, and Booking.com.


  • Save time: The chatbot automatically answers your customers’ questions saving your staff hours every day.
  • Increase direct sales: Velma chatbot reassures customers and encourages direct booking. Quicktext messaging feature makes it easy for the hotel to send targeted upsell messages.
  • Deliver better customer service: Quicktext allows your guests to interact with your hotel from their favorite mobile platforms and deliver instant satisfaction.

PMS integration

Quicktext is connected to Misterbooking with a 1-way integration. It means that we only send information, we don’t receive and see information in the PMS.

Quicktext collects clients information such as the name or the room number to personalize the chatbot.