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Cloud-based PMS Hotel Misterbooking

  • Optimize your multi-channel selling

  • Simplify your daily operations

  • Improve your guest experience

  • Automate your payments

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Cloud-based PMS Hotel

Discover the most complete PMS Hotel with all the features you need ! Misterbooking offers a unique, modern and scalable interface to control all hotel operations.

Integrated channel manager

Manage your OTAs in your Cloud-based PMS planning with the native channel manager fully integrated to control your distribution in real time and maximize your occupancy.

Responsive booking engine

Boost your direct bookings and increase your revenue. Multilingual and responsive design, the Booking Engine Misterbooking is directly connected to your planning from your website, in real time.

Online pre-check-in

Improve your customer experience with our online pre-check-in and our guest experience module in the PMS. Automate administrative tasks and save time for your receptionist and your clients!

Payment automation

Secure your business, verify the credit cards and automate your payment according to your hotel payment conditions from the Cloud-based PMS Hotel Misterbooking.

Open API

Centralize all your systems in your Misterbooking interface. Choose the solutions you need in our preferred partners or invite new ones thanks to the open API.

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New integration with the virtual consultant Blent

<< Back to news Press release | Misterbooking & | September 22th, 2021 The Hotel Management Software Misterbooking and the data analysis platform Blent are now connected. Misterbooking sends automatically to Blent, in real time, a lot of data about...

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Manage and sell

Centralize your business management and your distribution channels in one unique interface

More than a PMS Hotel, Misterbooking is a complete and effective hotel management system (HMS): a powerful tool to run all your hotel!

We note in our hotel community a same need: centralize tools and partners in one place. Misterbooking Coud-based PMS Hotel can be this place for your hotel.

First cloud-based PMS in France, Misterbooking has its own features: channel manager, booking engine, guest experience, online pre-check-in, payment automation, accounting data export module and even more! With Misterbooking solution, you control all reservations from your OTA, your booking engine or in direct in the same planning. In one clic, close a room in a channel to open it in another one and increase your revenue.

Moreover, open API connect your hotel to all your preferred partners!

pms hotel sotware cloud property managament system hospitality solution misterbooking
pms hotel cloud software hospitality management solution misterbooking automation guest experience

Optimize and automate

Simplify your customer journey and your administrative tasks

Clients change, online bookings: They wait a personal welcome at front desk, to be called by his name, etc… Hospitality has to evolve too.

As pioneer in cloud-based PMS industry, we are experts in hospitality and hotel customer experience. Our cloud solution is scalable to follow market trends. We help you every day to go further!

With our native features, you automate time-consuming tasks. Automation is the key to save time and reduce costs. An all-in-one solution as Misterbooking PMS Hotel is the tool that your hotel needs!

Personnalize your hotel management system

Create a solution that meets your expectations and pay only what you need.

Each hotel is unique. Their needs depend on its activity.

We want to help you to use a software completely adapted to your hotel. Misterbooking cloud-based PMS is your perfect hotel management solution. Discover a Hotel Management System (HMS) on demand that fits your needs. Activate your PMS Hotel and pay only features that you use!

Moreover, we offer our 17 years of expertise to help you choose. We have transparent pricing four our PMS Hotel and all our modules: no commission fees by reservation, never. Set up fees and annual subscription will be the only lines of your invoice.

pms hotel cloud software hospitality management solution misterbooking customizable

What our clients say about Misterbooking PMS

Richard, Mika Hotel - Budapest, Hungary

Richard, Mika Hotel
Budapest, Hungary

“After using Misterbooking for a month both Property Management System and Channel manager we realised that the human resource that became free is just HUGE. I have never experienced such a big efficiency improvement in so short time. I only can recommend their product as it is a real competitive advantage at a hotel!”

Bruno, Kalliste Hotel & Residence - Ajaccio, Corse, France
Bruno, Kalliste Hotel & Residence
Ajaccio, Corse, France

“Misterbooking allows us a fresh start in the way we work with a PMS and a Channel Manager. Thanks to its easy-to-use and scalable solution, Misterbooking has made this season a success.”

Ross, Nosy Be Hôtel & Spa**** - Madagascar
Ross, Nosy Be Hôtel & Spa****

“Always available, very reactive!!!! Thank you to all the team.”