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Misterbooking is a French leading provider of cloud-based Property Management System (PMS). Launched in France in 2000 by David Glineur to provide high performance and cost-efficient Hotel and Boat management solutions.

 “Since 2000, we’ve brought innovative only-cloud-based management solutions for Hoteliers and professionals in the tourism industry. When we founded Misterbooking hotel in 2007, hotels were slowly moving from manual to computerised reservation systems, then they evolved to become part of the connected environment. Today, they ask for automated and rapid tools and insight to make decision and grow revenue. and that’s is what we do, we design and develop Property Management Software Solutions run in the cloud to provide the most complete and high performance property management system”  David Glineur – Director, Misterbooking

David Glineur,

Managing Director & Founder

David is the founder and managing director of Misterbooking.  He founded the company in 2000 to provide effective solutions for planning and booking management. David graduated from the University of Strasbourg receiving a Degree in Economics and Social Science. Earlier in his career, he held several positions in the tourism industry dealing with tours and travel operations before becoming Misterbooking Managing Director.  He first designed cloud based management solutions for boats and launched Misterbooking PMS for hoteliers. David oversees the technical development and the global development strategy of the company.


Engineering and Development @ Misterbooking

Engineering and Development

innovation and performance

We design and build scalable and innovative Hotel management solutions across software as a service (SaaS) on an efficient and a secure cloud platform since 10 years.

We constantly learn from our experience with hoteliers to create excellence for property managers and owners. We provide new features and maintain the system all the time to offer the best performance and experience.

Sales and Business development


At Misterbooking, every client is unique, that’s why we analyse every project to provide the best solution.  We talk to you to make sure we understand your needs providing advices and recommending the best practices on the cloud and hotel environment.

We also offer dedicated online demo to help hoteliers build the perfect solution for their property.


Technical support @ Misterbooking

Technical Support and Hotline


We are proud to say that we answer to 100% of calls to provide immediate assistance and technical support. Your account manager assists you for setting up your account, providing training and recommendations.

Our on-site Support Team is always ready to provide technical support and assistance to insure your activity is run efficiently.

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