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Solutions for independent hotels

The cloud-based hotel booking solution

 All in one in your hotel booking solution

Misterbooking PMS Hotel has experience in providing independent hotels with the best only-cloud based property management system. Such properties require high level of expertise to be managed efficiently. Our hotel booking solution is synchronized with your OTA to increase your revenue.

“We improve every day our services to simplify independent hotel management. We take into consideration business developments and requirements to help owners and managers maximising occupancy and getting all the necessary tools for revenue management” says David GLINEUR, the director & founder of Mister Booking company.

benefits of using Misterbooking cloud PMS for receptionists

Boost your visibility online with your high performance hotel booking solution

Bookings & check-in check-out

Misterbooking planning is one of the key features of the system. It is color-coded for quick view. Availability and prices are shown on the hotel booking solution to make your reservation process easy and simple. And this is done in less than 30 seconds!

Another great feature is the guest booking folder from which you manage the overall booking process, including invoicing and payments recording.

Check-in and check-out are easily done in your hotel booking solution with Misterbooking! You can also view and print your daily arrival and departure reports. You can generate guest registration form and assign your housekeeping tasks.

Invoices and deposits in the hotel booking solution

Every hotel manager has experienced long hours spent in dealing with administrative tasks, in particular generating invoices and sending them to clients.

With Misterbooking PMS, you can generate invoices for your individual, group or corporate clients with a single click. You have also the capability to track your pending payment viewing the details for each invoice or client.

As you might accept several means of payment, you can record as many payments as necessary for each reservation. In your hotel booking solution, you keep track of your cash flow and follow up with your pending payment and account receivables.

property management software pms hotel cloud misterbooking booking reservation system solution group chain

Reporting & revenue optimization

Misterbooking provides integrated revenue management features for global insight and decision making to maximize occupancy for every available night. Misterbooking hotel booking solution is designed to provide key performance indicators for business performance tracking and forecast. Your consolidated data analysis enables rapid understanding of your occupancy and rates ratio. From one point of management, you control your rates and restrictions and set your rate plans, custom or derived rate grids. You can generate many reports depending on your needs. All reports in Misterbooking are  available in Excel exports.


Review from an independent hotel

“I use Misterbooking since six years as PMS and Channel Manager and I am still satisfied. This tool is the main important tool in my hotel. It is easy to use and the booking flow is great between Misterbooking and my partners. The support team is reactive for all my technical demands and evolutions. The new members of my team start handling the software very easily. Moreover, all can be managed remotely and it is very helpful to be reactive for sales and questions.”

Thomas, Owner independent hotel Le petit Vatel, Contact Hotels community