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Accounting data export module

Integrated to the most commonly used Accounting Systems

  • Export your data into your accounting system.
  • Misterbooking is interfaced with the most used Accounting Systems or your in-house accounting system.
  • Manage and track your accounts receivable.

Data Export Capability

  • Export your financial information and journal entries from your PMS with a single click.
  • Import easily your accounting Data into your accounting software without any manual entry.

Restaurant invoicing module

For hotel-restaurants with less than 50 seats.

Create and manage menu

  • Enjoy features for creating and setting up dishes, menus, drinks, and “à la carte” items, rates and VAT, from one interface.
  • Take and edit orders and send them to your kitchen or bar in real time.
  • Using a featured interface, enter and send orders directly to the kitchen or to the bar printers. The kitchen will receive orders instantly.

Payment flexibility for split bills and discounts

  • Your guest can pay together or separately. Generate, upload or print invoices or direct payment from a table to a guest room.


  • Generate reports on your sales generated by your in-house and walk-in guests, customize your menus and special offers for lunch and evening meals to maximize revenue.

Generate Production Reports

  • Track your production and generate detailed reports on your daily and monthly sales, taxes and VAT as well as a summary of all discounts and special offers.

Inventory management module

Inventory Management

  • Designed to help you manage, track and follow up your stock inventory

Simplified Stock movement overview

  • Simplify your stock movement and tracking operations
  • Insure adequate supplies

Purchase orders, work orders

  • Organise and manage your administrative tasks
  • Generate your purchase orders, work orders, delivery and invoices

Suppliers listing and invoicing

  • Keep track of your suppliers and your items
  • Easily view information, costs and invoices

Accounting and reporting

  • Control your service performance for each property
  • Generate purchase reports for each supplier

SMS (text) management module

PMS dedicated interface

  • Information in real time
  • automated and easy-to-use interface
  • Time zone management for foreign numbers
  • Two choices of subscriptions: standard or premium

Client relationship management

  • Confirm the reservation
  • Offer additional services
  • Maintain the relationship during and after the stay
  • Ask about satisfaction

Unique management interface

  • Write your messages in the PMS
  • Alerts
  • Reports about texts sent and received
  • Credit management