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Online pre-checkin & Customer area

Increase the guest satisfaction in your hotel

Due to the significative growth of technology, hotel industry follows the move searching for new solutions to simplify guest experience.

Guest Experience is a native module in Misterbooking cloud-based PMS. It improves hotel guest satisfaction and facilitates check-in experience. It helps reception to automate the recurrent tasks. With our innovative online feature, we help hoteliers to create an unique experience for every guest. We reduce time-consuming tasks. A customizable platform integrated in the PMS connects your hotel with your guests at every stage of their stay. Hotels can add this module in the PMS on demand.

As a hotelier, what is the value added for my hotel?

Customers travelling behaviours change so you need a platform to follow up with your guest satisfaction. By adding this module to your PMS, you have access to a dedicated page with the main information: client information, bookings, pre-check-in forms, satisfaction rate, sent e-mails, communication with reception, and more!

This feature combined with Misterbooking PMS allows to communicate in private with every guest and to make sure you respond to his needs. It will guarantee a higher satisfaction rate. Remember, every client is unique!

Moreover, you can activate your automated e-mails and SMS for pre-arrivals (check-in), post-depatures (check-out) and even more during the stay as many as you want! Pre-check-in form is 100% personalizable. Choose your frequency and your messages!

Setting is in your hands: you can choose one of our standard templates or customize your own one!

Let the software handle administrative tasks and use your time to satisfy your guests!

misterbooking cloud-based PMS customer area & online pre check automatic pre-arrival e-mail - personalised communication

For my guests, how could I improve their experience?

Imagine the perfect experience for your guest and create it with Misterbooking!

At the reservation, we create a personal customer area for every guest. He can access to his personal information, view his reservations, send his messages, read important messages from hotel and add extras… The hotel choose what the client can do in his customer area.

Before his stay, he receives an automatic pre-arrival e-mail to complete the online pre-check-in form. This will save a lot of time at the reception! That’s te first step to ensure his satisfaction.

During his stay, the guest communicates with the reception and adds extras easily. Hotel can also send important message to all guests or to a particular guest. Misterbooking is a strong tool to communicate and to develop client loyalty! When you know in real time how much your client is happy, you can adapt and make the right decision.

After his stay, he receives a post-departure e-mail to follow-up with his guest review. He can also log into his customer area again and make a new reservation with direct access to the hotel website (available for Misterbooking Booking Engine).

Start using Guest Experience module with Misterbooking cloud-based PMS!

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