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Agrid,​ reduce your energy consumption!

AGRID is a French company that helps you reduce the energy consumption of your hotels. Developed for the hospitality industry, our solutions enable hoteliers to take control of their energy expenses with effective and easy-to-use tools. Our clients gain a better understanding of the subject, data on their establishment’s energy consumption, and significant energy savings through autonomous and smart management (up to 30%). AGRID is listed in the solution catalog of the « Clef Verte » and is recognized as an “Engaged Company for Ecological Transition” by ADEME. We believe that our values can take the form of actions. Today, we act with tomorrow in mind.

Blue solution: Energy management consulting software

A true energy management consulting software that will give you a better understanding of your building and help you reduce your energy consumption.

Green solution: intelligent management of your air conditioning and heating systems

“The right temperature, in the right room at the right time”. This is, in a few words, what AGRID proposes to the hospitality industry. The trade-off between customer comfort and an environmentally responsible business will no longer be a headache: no installation of sensors, simplified monitoring and control and an autonomous management allowing energy savings.

Intelligent, automatic control of your hotel’s air conditioning and heating enables you to manage your energy costs more effectively. You only heat and cool the areas that need it (you no longer heat empty or unlet rooms).

The result?

  • You save between 20 and 35% on your energy bill.
  • And you’ll have more time to deal with other matters for your hotel!
  • All this without any work or investment.


  • -20 to 35% energy savings on your bill
  • Detailed tracking of energy consumption trends.
  • Alerts in case of detected abnormal behavior.
  • Comparisons with similar buildings.
  • Tools to understand your energy consumption through the calculation of indicators specific to the hospitality industry.
  • Automated reporting (CSR, Labels, Tertiary Decree)”.

PMS integration

One way integration: The connection to the Misterbooking PMS enables the partner to retrieve check-in and check-out information in real time, and the status of the room (occuped or not).

Example 1: When a room is not rented, the software will know this and will ensure that it is not heated/air-conditioned, thus reducing energy wastage.

Example 2: When your guest checks out, the air conditioning/heating in their room will be switched off immediately, allowing you to optimise your energy costs.