Hotel Direct Booster, leader in premium customer relations!

Creator of authentic and human customer experiences for travellers, HDB is the leader in premium customer relations for hotels. 1st contact center combining technologies and 24/7 multilingual sales people to assist hesitant travellers and generate direct bookings for hotels. HDB supports more than 900 brands.

Guest Inbox: Convert hesitant travellers via Chat with 24/7 multilingual sales reps

Guest Voice: Augmented call center to capture all bookings by phone

Get Lost Cart: Catch online abandoned carts over the phone and turn a disappointing shopping experience into a booking.

Web Call Back: Solution allowing visitors to be instantly called back by the hotel or to schedule a slot.


  • Be proactive without effort to recover revenue: +25% additional revenues certified by booking engines.
  • Automated Overflow Transfer: Our sales reps are available on demand to take over from your team 24 hours a day and convert hesitant travelers.
  • An effective cross-channel customer relationship.
  • A premium customer experience: offer human and personalized support to reassure visitors.
  • Real-time performance management and monitoring: advanced analytical tools to target sales opportunities.

PMS integration

The chatbot HDB can be added in the Booking Engine Misterbooking.

HDB also receives all the conversion data from the Booking Engine Misterbooking.