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Nøelse, the alternative to traditional banks

The concept of Nøelse was developed around several principles: a clear offer, immediate access to information, assuring the same quality service to all, and creating a fair and more ethical banking environment.

Nøelse wanted to involve a whole range of stakeholders during the creation of this new payment solution. Developers, ambassadors and users worked together to build the ideal product. This is how the Nøelse offer came about, with both a simple formula adapted to individuals as well as an offer for professionals.

Nøelse offers a tailor-made account: users only pay for the services they need and can set up their account to their liking. With the Nøelse application and its POS terminals, you can then cash out your customers in a simple, fast and secure way. What’s more, Nøelse doesn’t use your funds to finance polluting activities, so you’re participating with an eco-responsible approach.

Nøelse offers a solution that has already been proven with 30,000 existing customers.

Nøelse values:

  • Choice
  • Equality
  • Communication
  • Innovation
  • Ecology


  • 100% quick and easy online registration
  • Accessible to individuals as well as professionals (self-employed, freelancers, very small businesses, retailers, etc.)
  • IBAN adapted to the country or countries where you are located: France, Germany, Italy or Spain
  • No hidden fees, you only pay for the services you need
  • A digital bank card is provided at the time of opening
  • Nøelse Pay: you have your own mobile payment system (like Apple Pay or Google Pay)
  • One mobile application to manage all your accounts and projects
  • Dedicated customer service available by phone and email in 5 languages
  • Display or modify your PIN if forgotten

PMS integration

Partner connected to the module called Payment Automation and banking interface.

In the PMS, the hotel has access to a banking interface in each reservation to see history and make actions on the credit card (payment, pre-authorisation, send a payment link…). An other interface allows him to activate payment scenarios depending on rate plans.

Misterbooking negotiated the best bank fees for your hotel with this payment partner.

We can send you more information upon request at sales@misterbooking.net.