ONITY, Innovative Technologies for Hotels

With +5 million locks installed in more than 30,000 properties, Onity offers innovative technological solutions for the hospitality market, recognized worldwide for offering a guarantee of quality and service: electronic locks with mobile key option, electronic in-room safes, minibars and energy management solutions.


DirectKey™, mobile key solution

Onity is proudly working with hotels to provide guests with contactless check-in and property access. The DirectKey system enables a superior guest experience, allowing to offer contactless access through the brand’s loyalty app or Onity´s customizable one. Onity mobile key credentials have already been used to open doors more than 100 million times.

PMS integration

Only for card access.

In the PMS, the hotel has access to a card interface to create, duplicate and read cards for each reservation.

Advantages for the hotel

  • Easy 24h access
  • Operational efficiency
  • Loyalty build-up
  • On-line system capability
  • High level of security
  • Convenient upgrades

Advantages for the user

  • No queuing at the frontdesk
  • Access from a convenient distance, no need to wake up the lock touching it with the phone
  • Key credentials remain on the mobile phone
  • Digital expectations fulfilled
  • An option for all preferences, mobile or card
  • Enhanced guest experience