Papam, expert payment solution for the hotel sector!

Papam, the expert payment solution for the hotel sector. Since inception in 2011, Papam has implemented specialist yet simple and secure payment solution for all business sectors. Thanks to a partnership with Misterbooking, Papam can tailor its services to offer payment methods, in particular for OTA systems. Using our platform endorsed by the supervisory authority of the Banque de France, we can offer 100% secure payment solutions that meet the specific needs of your business. These solutions include online, mobile and POS payment methods, allowing simple yet fast transactions. Our Papam e-Commerce solution has been optimised and enhanced thanks to our widespread collaboration with clients in the hotel industry, which means we can respond to new requests and requirements of this sector. With Papam e-Commerce, we aim to offer a simple tool to manage the numerous reservation channels used by the hotel industry.


  • Receive payments from the majority of OTA systems, thanks to the partnership between Papam/Misterbooking
  • Request payments by email or text message
  • Manage your payment page, which is fully customisable
  • Receive payments remotely via a virtual POS terminal
  • Carry out pre-authorisations to block off your reservations
  • Debit payment cards remotely at any time

PMS integration

Partner connected to the module called Payment Automation and banking interface.

In the PMS, the hotel has access to a banking interface in each reservation to see history and make actions on the credit card (payment, pre-authorisation, send a payment link…). An other interface allows him to activate payment scenarios depending on rate plans.

Misterbooking negotiated the best bank fees for your hotel with this payment partner. All prices are available upon request from your Misterbooking team at