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PI Electronique, software for restaurants and hotels!

Created in 1983, PI Electronique is the leader in POS systems for restaurant and hotel industries. As a pioneer in this field, its goal is to simplify the sales process and the property management. It offers a secure, reliable and fast system.

Willing to refocus hotel and restaurant professionals on their core business, PI Electronique has designed products which are totally dedicated to them. The company provides the complete F&B solution, directly linked to the hotel front. For resident and external customers, in the hotel room, at the table, at the bar, on click & collect, on delivery, they can order and pay safely. Professionals spend more time with their clients. They can discuss and communicate with fluid work tools they can rely on.

Over the years, the company has proven its value ​​with robust and secure products. With more than 35 years of experiences and field knowledges, PI Electronique has loyal clients and partners in more than 30 countries and has installed more than 50,000 POS. Products are made in France. SPIN MANF POS systems are NF 525 certified.


  • Seating plan management.
  • Optimized order intake.
  • Handwritten messages for the kitchen.
  • Sale items management.
  • Waiters call: message sent from the kitchen to the room.
  • Direct notes transfert to the room

PMS integration

PI Electronique has a 2-ways integration with Misterbooking PMS.

Client reservation is available in the restaurant system (name, room number, etc..).All restaurant transactions by hotel clients are sent to their room invoice.

The customer will find on his room note all its item details.

An additional parameter permits to bring the revenue centers to your Misterbooking PMS.