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Customer Alliance, Reviews & Feedback Management Software!

Customer Alliance is a powerful software-as-a-service platform that makes it easy for hotels and apartments to capture, understand, share, and act on customer reviews and feedback. With Customer Alliance, you can:

  • Collect feedback at every touchpoint: Send surveys to guests via email, QR code, in-web, and in-app.
  • Get real-time insights: Track crucial metrics like CSAT, NPS, and CES in real time to identify areas for improvement.
  • Share feedback across platforms: Automatically distribute reviews to Google, TripAdvisor, and other platforms.
  • Act on feedback: Use Customer Alliance’s AI Reply Assistant to respond to guest reviews and feedback quickly and easily.


  • Save time and effort by automating guest data import from Misterbooking to Customer Alliance.
  • Send surveys to guests during and post-stay, ensuring that you collect feedback at the right time during the guest journey.
  • Get a complete view of your guest reviews and feedback in one place.
  • Improve your ratings on TripAdvisor, Google, HolidayCheck and many other portals by automatically distributing reviews to these platforms.
  • Increase guest satisfaction by responding to reviews and feedback quickly and easily.
  • Display your Public Review Score on your website with the CA widget to build trust and generate more direct bookings.

PMS integration

Customer Alliance is connected to Misterbooking and receive client information in its system.

Customer Alliance collects clients information such as the name or the room number to personalize its service.

In the dashboard of the PMS, you can see some information about your client notes too.