Customer Alliance, generate more reviews!

Customer Alliance helps companies, independent hotels and international chains worldwide to generate more reviews, increase their reputation score and automate the communication with their customers. Automated messages and questionnaires ensure a meaningful communication along the entire customer journey and provide valuable feedback to optimize internal processes. Advanced review analysis tools help to truly understand the reviews, whilst keeping an eye on the performance of competitors.


  • Send automated and personalized messages pre, during and after your guests stay
  • Offer upsells and collect newsletter opt-ins  
  • Manage guest requests and internal tasks via the ticketing system
  • Use the CA widget to show your average rating score to increase trust and convert more direct bookings
  • With support for over 90 PMS and CRM systems and 50 online review portals
  • More than 7.500 customers worldwide trust in our solution

PMS integration

Customer Alliance is connected to Misterbooking with a 1-way integration. It means that we only send information, we don’t receive and see information in the PMS.

Customer Alliance collects clients information such as the name or the room number to personalize its service.