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December 9th, 2019


Being a hotelier means working hard with passion, flexibility and facing challenges every day.

More than a perfect host, you must think customer-centric, know everything about accounting and how to manage. It requires adaptability and hospitality know-how. However, adaptability requires full access to information anywhere at any time. Sometimes, taking the right decisions might depend on the property management system (PMS) that hotel chose months ago.

How to make the right decision today to be more efficient tomorrow?

Choose a solution which centralizes all your tools

First and most important advice: centralize your management in one unique interface!

Using a hotel software system (called PMS) that includes a centralized planning for all your reservations: direct bookings from call or email, online bookings from OTA (Online travel agencies) with the channel manager and online bookings from your website with the booking engine.

Our experts recommend using a system that combines these three must-have tools to manage both the hotel reservations, the hotel daily operations and the overall online distribution.

Think about your daily comfort and save your precious time for other tasks.

Your hotel is the only one of its kind, your management has to be the same.

Find quickly your data needed

Your work will be so much easier with a software centralizing all your customer data in one place. But too much data causes time-consuming work… It’s hard to find the good information in a sea of data, right? If every staff has access to all data, they might lose time looking for the appropriate one…

Our special advice is to create different access by service. Data seen by each staff is specified within the job profile.

having specific access makes work more efficient. For example:

  • Reception profile access set for booking & clients information, planning and payment system features
  • Housekeeping profile access has a direct access to housekeeping feature with rooms to clean and sent in real time when it is done (thanks to smartphone or tablet)
  • The forensic accountant has a special access to accounting feature to extract the necessary accounting data.
  • Direction has full access to manage the hotel, analyse and extract all data every time with no specific request or additional cost.

Connect all your partners to your management solution

Once more, centralization is essential to gain efficiency and save time. It’s very comfortable to have all client information in one software interface, whatever the portal of reservation is. Searching for information in many software increases risk of errors and waste of time. Save your clients time spent at the front desk and improve performance as well as your customer satisfaction.

Your PMS has to be connected to partners & connectable to new ones as Misterbooking does with open API. It’s important to have a hotel management solution connected to restauration system, self-check-in kiosk, payment solution, e-reputation software and even more… Visit our Marketplace here.

Make sure you’ll be assisted when you’ll need it

Stop losing time when you have a problem with your software. you provider has to help you, not slow you down!

Make sure to choose a solution with support service included. An available support service with experience is important to find a way out of every difficulty. For example, you might need help for a feature that you have never used before. Other example, you are stuck at front desk and you need to find a way out quickly. Some help by phone is welcome at this moment, don’t you think?

Assistance, training and expertise are important questions to guarantee your hotel a better performance. Don’t hesitate to ask to your provider before you get engaged! 😊

​This is all for today! But if you are curious to learn more, you can send an e-mail to our experts at sales@www.misterbooking.net.

We will be happy to help you!