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January 16th, 2020

Cloud-based PMS, your office is everywhere.

There are multiple benefits for hoteliers to switch to a management system run in the cloud. A Software as a service (SaaS) offers cost-effective hotel management solutions with dedicated in-house staff to provide maintenance and technical support. A cloud-based PMS could become your best business ally to run all your hotel.

Today, a lot of hoteliers takes this opportunity…

Cloud is compatible with all your devices

Designed to be compatible with PC and Mac, all the Cloud-based PMS (Property Management system) help you to run your business online from everywhere. You will never lose it because of a computer.

You are able to view your planning, your bookings, and your reports at any time in real time.

Many user licences for a better shared tool

This is one of the greatest benefits of working in a cloud environment. With almost all PMS software, you can create as many user-profiles as you wish and manager users’ access. Every member of your staff can login to the cloud-based PMS. Moreover, all users can work at the same time. All the data is shared in real time.

Multi-property management

This is another great benefit of using SaaS platforms when managing multi-properties. The platform provides a global planning overview with property level management.

Specifically designed to enable central guest and company profiles as well as central user accounts management. Cloud-based PMS is your unique interface to manage all your hotel.

Scalable software

Hotel trends are constantly evolving. Cloud PMS evolves too.

The IT staff are continuously developing new or property-specific features and enabling third party software integration (Yield Management, Accounting Software, Paybox…).

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