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March 18th, 2020

Managing a large group of hotels is challenging.

Many organisations use key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate their achieved goals. A group of hotels requires more specific management tools including flexible data processing, personalised access, extensive training and in some cases tailored tools. Selecting the suitable Property Management Solution (PMS) is determinant to meet the hotel requirements while providing flexibility to adapt to the market evolutions.

Read more about group hotel management in this article below.

Centralized management for multi-property

This point is definitely the most important to provide the group direction with a powerful multi-property management solution.

What are the main requirements ?

Multi-property management system offers individual access to each hotel of the group under a centralized account for the group direction. Group direction have a full access to all properties and immediate vision of the hotels group activity.

The second point is related to the access to the system. Unlimited user number is ideal for such organisation. What are the main authorised access and the user profile set up?

  • Direction
  • Sales
  • Yield Manager
  • Accounting
  • Front desk
  • Housekeeping
  • etc

Cloud solution to access all the time everywhere

Shifting to Cloud based software is the trend for hotel groups to efficiently manage and easily share information between hotels. Using a cloud system saves time at all levels. Data are updated in real time and statistics are provided and updated instantly including occupancy rate. This means that all data needed for analysis, decision making, and yield practices are produced on real-time basis.

For managers, cloud-based system provides immediat access to their personal profile and to all hotels data whatever their location is, at office, home office or elsewhere.

Moreover, shifting to a cloud-based system enable smooth deployment of the solution as no installation on premise nor technical prequequisite are required : only internet access is needed.

Consolidated Client database to know every guest

Guest loyalty is fundamental for hoteliers.

It is important for every guest to be recognised at its second booking. For hotel groups, one guest could return to one of the hotels of the brand and he might expext to get a personalised welcome.

Hotel chains and hotel groups need consolidated data. For every recorded guest in the database ,his guest profile will be available for all hotels to enhance guest experience and save time at the reception. Our tip : think about this parameter when you setup your system.

Some systems offer integration to third party providers for loyalty and hotel experience management.

On the other hand, every hotel will keep track of its own information. Only authorised users will have access to the hotel planning, availability, reservations, etc.

Easy deployment and customised support

Shifting to a new system is an important step for a group of hotels. Effective support and expertise are necessary to insure successful system deployment across multiple properties.

Our advice is to ask all the questions related to the system deployment to your provider, especially when it comes to support and help that is offered by the PMS provider. Your provider must be able to understand your business needs and evolutions, and help you to plan the shift to the new system across every property.

Support and training are the key determinant for a successfull set up and a perfect use of your management system. 😊

If you need more information or advice, contact our experts at sales@misterbooking.net.