LoungeUp, The platform to maintain a personalised relationship with each of your guests and increase your additional revenues

LoungeUp helps hoteliers manage guest data in order to increase additional sales as well as guest satisfaction. This CRM centralises all the guest information spread across the different software used by the hotel (stays, satisfaction, booked services, messages, etc.). All guest interactions are controlled from the platform, regardless of the channel used (e-mail / SMS / WhatsApp / Guest portal / chat / push notifications…).


Guests are accompanied throughout their stay

          • The guest journey is smoother: policy forms on tablets to speed up check-in, guest room keys directly on their phone, ordering of services by phone and much more
          • Your guests can contact the hotel with ease, wherever they are: by SMS, by chat, by WhatsApp, …
          • They have access to a complete travel guide on their smartphone to make the most of their stay

The hotel meets the needs of each guest

      • It’s easier to offer personalised services and recommendations when you have access to your guests’ information on a single database
      • Automation facilitates the daily life of the teams and generates additional revenue effortlessly: approximately €10 of additional revenue per customer
      • Staff can be more attentive to the guest experience when administrative procedures are faster.
      • Loyalty actions are more effective due to ultra-targeted marketing campaigns


  • An optimised knowledge of your guests: All data on your guests is accessible and usable by all hotel  staff.
  • Increase your additional sales: Automatically generate additional revenue and pay back (several times over) your subscription
  • Improved guest satisfaction: When the guest experience is improved, guest satisfaction increases and so does guest retention.
  • Tailored recommendations: Offer services and expert advice to each individual guest.