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March 25th, 2021

​Hospitality market counts a lot of Hotel Management solutions, starting from a simple management software to all-in-one hotel solution. How do we know if we are making the good investment?

In 2020, cloud software solutions have exceeded the installed software solutions as they allow a remote management of the hotel reception, reservation and administrative tasks. Home office have begun in hospitality too and brought new habits at work.

Most of the hotels currently have a lower occupancy rate and less room reservations than earlier. The future is uncertain and hoteliers doesn’t only seek to digitalize their guest management but also to optimize their expenses. How to maximize your investment with your PMS, your channel manager, your booking engine, your CRM, your guest communication, your bank fees, and more?


1. Reduce your costs​

A cloud solution allows you to work remotely, on any device and with no additional material purchase. A cloud hotel management solution guarantees an always updated software to the latest version with no maintenance costs. This solution is profitable for your hotel and adapted to the health crisis to reduce physical contacts.

An all-in-one solution offers an economy of scale and choosing a Hotel Management Solution (HMS) including PMS, Channel Manager and Booking Engine is less expensive than subscribing to each software with different partners. Moreover, if you use an all-in-one solution, there are no additional costs or loss of time to connect your partners between each other. All information will be safe and always available, in real time, on your unique interface. A great benefit for all your team!

When you analyse and compare hotel software solutions, it is highly recommended to integrate the hidden costs in the pricing comparison. It can either be a cost per booking on your Channel Manager or your Booking Engine, payment cost like a cost per credit card tokenisation or a cost per payment… These added costs multiplied by your reservations and/or your payments will highly increase your charges at the end of the year, reason why this is important to include them in your pricing comparison.

2. Increase your revenue​

With a professional and efficient software, you will learn new ways to work which will help you to save time and increase revenue, thanks to a better analysis and automation. Moreover, all your hotel tools in one interface mean a reduction of human error and time loss. There is less data exchange between multiple software and less manual data entry. It is the first step toward higher profits!

Having all your data and distribution channels on the same interface enables you to have a better sales analysis, and to take the right decision at the right moment. It is important that your PMS have Yield Management tools and tables for monitoring your hotel growth as these are an easy way to follow your occupancy rate and your turnover in real time. You will have the best information in your hands to decide and increase your direct bookings. Select the PMS to be ready for any adaptation when the situation requires it: modify a price, change your rooms in a channel, close sales on an OTA, etc…


3.​ Enjoy the benefits

By centralizing all your Hotel Management Solution in one unique interface, you will have many benefits:

  • Reduce your software fees with one unique subscription
  • Discover new way of work more profitable
  • Simplify your daily management with one complete and connected interface
  • Develop your revenue thanks to a better sales analysis
  • Decrease the OTA commissions by increasing your direct bookings