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October 7th, 2020


Nowadays, most travellers search online for information about their next trip. They are not looking for a place to sleep, they want to live new experiences, to have new holiday memories, and make a break with their everyday life.

How to reach these travellers during their research?

How to convince them to stay in your hotel instead of another one?

The changing expectations in the tourism industry

According to an American Agency study about Millenials (18-35 years), for the question “Why do you travel?“ 76% answer “To discover new things” and 52% answer “To relax”.

As for the consumer habits, travellers’ habits evolved during the latest years and within the new generations. Nowadays, the travel industry increases every year thanks to transportation developments and easy access. The traveller is looking for something different. He wants to live something new.

To make the difference, your hotel needs to offer more than a night in the hotel but an experience. It can take the form of activities, exceptional environment or original accommodation. The hotel can work with local partners to complete the offer. Giving advices about what to do locally is also an important factor.

Promote destinations and search experiences easier with digitalisation

Thanks to social medias and influencers, all destinations have more visibility online. We dream about a place when we look at its Instagram photo, we read hotel testimonials in TripAdvisor, we search information in Google, and that’s only the beginning… Internet gives us access to all the information we need and now. In fact, the journey starts online when we search where to live new adventures and sleep during this unforgettable trip.

Nowadays, comfort, cleaning, hotel services and facilities are prerequisites in the research. Hoteliers know that these points are essentials to guarantee a positive client reviews after their stay.

Travellers are looking for experiences and meeting people

Attract tourists… and local people

A good travel experience includes to meet local population. No one can say he knows a place without meeting the population and understanding their way of life. You can convert your hotel in a warm local place to attract more local people and more travellers who are looking for new experiences and meeting. Bring the culture and the social life of your region (or your country) into your hotel!


If you have a restaurant or a bar in your hotel, invite music groups to create a nice ambiance or organize theme evening, even out of season, to entice the local community. If your hotel has a co-working space, promote it in your city. Advertising in social medias, website or press is a good idea too, to boost your local reputation.

You are a hotel for travellers and you can become a place of life for the local population. A good local reputation will boost interest in your hotel for travellers. They will be more interested to sleep in your hotel and consume there too to discover your region or your country. As we said earlier, digitalisation helps to find better experiences and a good reputation spreads quickly on internet…

To sum up…

  • Communicate with clients, travellers and the local population
  • Make your common area more attractive for the local guests
  • Share a great feeling online about your hotel to attract people who are looking for a place to sleep and to live experience in the same time
  • improve your partnership with other companies and expand your activity offer
  • Upgrade your online reputation, ask for more reviews!
  • And most of all, offer to your clients the experience they are expecting for their journey.
Travellers are looking for experiences and meeting people